Days 34 – 40 #5ways2wellbeing

Day 34 #takenotice

I’m a Dementia Champion and fully support the need for more people to become Dementia Friends. Have you seen this fantastic film using a bookcase analogy?

Day 35 #takenotice No two days are ever the same and sometimes, when things get very busy I feel as though I’ve lost control of myself a bit and that’s not something I’m comfortable with. It happens every now and again, that’s just a fact, so it’s time to stop, take notice, cut out some of the noise, make a plan and start again. Simples.

Day 36 #takenotice

I saw a really cute cuddly fox toy in December while I was doing my Christmas shopping and these paintings by Bev Morant’s art group reminded me of that afternoon. GetAttachment-3.aspx

Day 37 Please can I sneak these in for #keeplearning within a very new vegetarian diet.

GetAttachment-1.aspxDay 38 #keeplearning Going through the script for our 22nd Feb Comedy Asylum show.




Day 39 #takenotice 2 special greyhounds have passed away recently, so after a Sat working I’m going home to give my 2 hugs.

Day 40 #keeplearning Porridge experiments. Banana, brown sugar and sunflower seeds. I love Sundays!



About beautyandutilityarts

My name is Katherine Brown and I run Beauty and Utility Arts, an Arts and Health project management service. I have over a decade of experience working with vulnerable groups and individuals in roles including support worker, Supported Employment Advisor and Community Fundraiser for The Midlands. Now, I manage a range of Arts and Health projects involving carers, people using mental health and learning disability services and the over 50′s. I specialise in developing ideas, fundraising, full project management, consultation, workshop provision, sourcing artists, Social Enterprise, event planning, SROI and exploring sustainability options. Since beginning Beauty and Utility Arts in January 2010 I have worked on a range of projects including comedy workshops, placing public art into health centres, setting up a Social Enterprise, project managing Showcase Smoothie, developing mental health walking projects and running arts based reminiscence workshops for the over 50′s, all of which is detailed in my blog (
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