Days 9 – 12 #5ways2wellbeing


I walk past this building most days I walk into work and it always catches my eye, particularly the AD 1911.

Day 9

Up until now, the only thing I knew was that it was bound to link in with Hinckley’s well known hosiery industry history and many of the other original factories that still stand – often derlict, but protected.

This factory was the three storey Puffer’s Unique Hosiery Works, constructed in 1911, which stands at the corner of Neal’s Yard and Druid Street. Through an Egyptian styled cart entrance on Druid Street, a cobbled jitty connects through a glazed roofed courtyard to a similar entrance on Bond Street. The elevations of the factory consist of large steel windows divided by brick pilasters. It also has a partial basement.

Here’s a link to a 360 degree peak inside …

Day 10 – GIVE

I went to see Lisa Pidgeon today to talk through our new intergenerational project, starting next week. Lisa introduced me to Rochelle, a Nutrition & Lifestyle Health Coach, mentioned in her latest #5ways2wellbeing update and as part of my own experience, finding out more about food with Rochelle, I tried these cocoa nibs. I didn’t like them in the end, but know Lisa’s family love them!

Day 10

Day 11 – BE ACTIVE

A great afternoon spent at Burbage Common woods with friends on a stick hunt. I about had to carry my dogs home, but I think from the look on Betty’s face, she enjoyed it 🙂

Day 11


I have been doing a bit of design research today and this came up – a project working with prisoners looking at prison cell design. I really support the fact that your environment plays a huge part in many areas of life and can see the benefits to this exploring a project like this – the writer does acknowledge there is a degree of window dressing in these pictures that wouldn’t be acceptable in prisons, but I’d say it’s a great conversation starter..






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My name is Katherine Brown and I run Beauty and Utility Arts, an Arts and Health project management service. I have over a decade of experience working with vulnerable groups and individuals in roles including support worker, Supported Employment Advisor and Community Fundraiser for The Midlands. Now, I manage a range of Arts and Health projects involving carers, people using mental health and learning disability services and the over 50′s. I specialise in developing ideas, fundraising, full project management, consultation, workshop provision, sourcing artists, Social Enterprise, event planning, SROI and exploring sustainability options. Since beginning Beauty and Utility Arts in January 2010 I have worked on a range of projects including comedy workshops, placing public art into health centres, setting up a Social Enterprise, project managing Showcase Smoothie, developing mental health walking projects and running arts based reminiscence workshops for the over 50′s, all of which is detailed in my blog (
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