Day 1 #5ways2wellbeing – Grandma’s guest post

Happy New Year everybody!

Today is day one of our #5ways2wellbeing project, where I’ll be posting something each day, linking in to the new economics foundation’s five ways to wellbeing.

Five ways to wellbeing graphic


This is such a great, simple way to remind ourselves everyday about how we can improve our wellbeing and Beauty and Utility Arts is all for that!

I’m looking forward to seeing where this project takes me and hearing from everybody else out there via Twitter – please tweet when you can using #5ways2wellbeing and a photo if possible.

This is going to be something I do as part of my regular, every day life. I don’t have oodles of spare money and a jet set lifestyle. I love simplicity, being aware of what’s happening around me and jumping on opportunities as much as I can – so this is a real project and here’s my first contribution!

A very refreshing, windy, rainy walk with my two beautiful greyhounds, Sid and Betty – BE ACTIVE

1. SidandBetty 1.1.14

And now for our first guest post.

Yesterday, on New Year’s Eve I spent most of the evening with my 86 year old Grandma. A woman, just like most other 86 year olds who has seen her fair share of highs and lows.

We went for dinner at a Thai restaurant together, something Grandma had never done before – so it just goes to show, it’s never too late to KEEP LEARNING and trying out new experiences.

Grandma talked about the pace of life today and we both agreed we all need to slow down a little and TAKE NOTICE.

Grandma was born in Liverpool and had two brothers and a sister. Some of her fondest childhood memories are of long Sunday walks with her parents and rushing to the cold tap for a long drink of water when they got in, sometimes followed by bread, butter, jam and tea, all sat around the kitchen table together.

When my Grandparents married in 1951 they honeymooned in Cornwall and went to see the Festival of Britain in London. While they were away, friends and family decorated their new home for them.

One gift they were given was a radio, made by a friend of the family and Grandma recalls having to take the battery somewhere locally to get it recharged.

When we thought more about the pace of life, Grandma summed up our conversation by saying “I think people had a slower, more thoughtful pace of life when I was growing up because you couldn’t just pop to the supermarket or find something online. We didn’t have the money to just buy what we wanted when we wanted it – we saved and appreciated everything much more. When it came to cooking we had to make food and then wash the dishes by hand. That meant we had time to stop and think.

It’s important to just be sometimes. Not to be rushing on to the next event or purchase, but to stop, think and TAKE NOTICE of what we have.’

Thanks Grandma! x (I wasn’t allowed to take a photo on the day in case it was awful, so Grandma selected one!)

2. Grandma 1.1.14


About beautyandutilityarts

My name is Katherine Brown and I run Beauty and Utility Arts, an Arts and Health project management service. I have over a decade of experience working with vulnerable groups and individuals in roles including support worker, Supported Employment Advisor and Community Fundraiser for The Midlands. Now, I manage a range of Arts and Health projects involving carers, people using mental health and learning disability services and the over 50′s. I specialise in developing ideas, fundraising, full project management, consultation, workshop provision, sourcing artists, Social Enterprise, event planning, SROI and exploring sustainability options. Since beginning Beauty and Utility Arts in January 2010 I have worked on a range of projects including comedy workshops, placing public art into health centres, setting up a Social Enterprise, project managing Showcase Smoothie, developing mental health walking projects and running arts based reminiscence workshops for the over 50′s, all of which is detailed in my blog (
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One Response to Day 1 #5ways2wellbeing – Grandma’s guest post

  1. Love this new project Katherine – #5ways2wellbeing project – and thank you and your wonderful Grandma for getting the New Year off to such a positive start. Will take note of the five principles and try to act on them regularly. A great day of connecting and building a few bridges today… 🙂

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