Guest Blog post by Hasan Miah

Hello my name is Hasan Miah and I am 15 years old. I study at the Midlands Studio College and I am studying Engineering there. I also do Art every Friday which is for our Enrichment time. So I thought Beauty and Utility Arts would be a great place to do a work placement in.

I have been coming to Beauty and Utility Arts for 3 weeks now and I have been enjoying doing some bits of projects for older people. The reason why I wanted to do a placement at Beauty and Utility Arts is because I had heard that they do many range of projects and also being creative with arts and as I am learning art, I thought Beauty and Utility Arts would be beneficial to me. It would also get me improved on my arts and gain more skills as I keep on doing it.


About beautyandutilityarts

My name is Katherine Brown and I run Beauty and Utility Arts, an Arts and Health project management service. I have over a decade of experience working with vulnerable groups and individuals in roles including support worker, Supported Employment Advisor and Community Fundraiser for The Midlands. Now, I manage a range of Arts and Health projects involving carers, people using mental health and learning disability services and the over 50′s. I specialise in developing ideas, fundraising, full project management, consultation, workshop provision, sourcing artists, Social Enterprise, event planning, SROI and exploring sustainability options. Since beginning Beauty and Utility Arts in January 2010 I have worked on a range of projects including comedy workshops, placing public art into health centres, setting up a Social Enterprise, project managing Showcase Smoothie, developing mental health walking projects and running arts based reminiscence workshops for the over 50′s, all of which is detailed in my blog (
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